Benefits of Child Care Centers


  • In low income neighborhoods, child care centers can expand quickly. These centers provide child care and education services that can be easily accessed and supervised by the families.
  • At child care centers, education quality is high as a result of families’ direct control over the system. The families may participate in learning activities and provide their recommendations.
  • Cost of these centers are low. Families pay tuition in accordance with their income. Child care centers are equipped to satisfy basic needs of the neighborhoods; the centers do not require sophisticated infrastructures nor lengthy staff training.
  • Sustainability potential of the centers are high as families take ownership.
  • The centers also help develop relationships between the families, care providers and women residents which then also establishes cooperation in neighborhoods.
  • Women residents who are part of child care centers get together to solve mutual problems, share responsibility, work together with local authorities and generate income sources.
  • The centers are a great solution for low-income women who are willing to work, but challenged by kids at home.
  • Women also develop new skills after training sessions which may be transferred into their professional lives.
  • In addition, children’s creativity and interactivity skills improve vastly at child care centers.