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The Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work – FSWW – was founded as a non­profit civil society organization in 1986 to support improving the quality of life and economic situation of low-income women and strengthen their leadership in local development. Believing in the expertise of low-­income women to combat poverty and their power to advance their families and societies, FSWW works with them in a spirit of partnership, develops all of their projects in synergy with them and their surroundings and cooperates with other actors in the community and local government.

The foundation has a public interest status by 2001­2009 number and 29.01.2001 dated cabinet decision.



FSWW has been developing and implementing programs in 4 main fields which it believes are prior for women.



For disseminating its’ models, FSWW has developed training manuals, catalogues, leaflets and other documents to be used in and outside the country.

In the Media


FSWW projects appeared in various magazines and newspapers. You can access these news from here.


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